Aussie anthos open for subs

Are you a horror writer looking for a good market to send your story? Well, there are four great Australian markets that are open to subs (or soon will be) that are worth your time – and they’re open to all authors, regardless of nationality!

Darkest Hours 01:00 (ed. Angela Challis, Ticonderoga Publications)

Edited by Australia’s queen of horror Angela Challis, this unthemed horror market (the first in an annual series) is looking for dark and sophisticated storylines. At 2/c word and taking stories up to 10k words, this is a great market, enhanced by the fact you may get to work with a brilliant editor.

Guidelines here (but opens Feb 1. Don’t submit before then!)

Damnation & Dames (ed. Liz Grzyb & Amanda Pillar, Ticonderoga Publications)

The folks at Ticonderoga Publications have gone into overdrive producing good quality books, with a noted focus on the dark stuff. Damnation & Dames is a fusion of noir crime and the paranormal. Take this as inspiration to have fun!

Guidelines here.

Surviving the End (ed. Craig Bezant, Dark Prints Press)

New kid on the block Dark Prints Press (from WA, in fact, just up the road from me) have come out of the blocks with a decent turn of speed and they’re fired up for the long haul. Surviving the End is a post apocalypse anthology. Think McCarthy’s The Road but with actual plot – or perhaps Canterbury Tales in a grim world of grimness.

Guidelines here.

Midnight Echo #6 (ed. David Conyers, Jason Fischer, and David Kernot, AHWA).

The boys have taken over the AHWA’s magazine to run an all sci-fi/horror edition. Subs close at the end of the month, so if you have a crumbling space hulk story or an in-progress tale of alien possession, anal probes, and other delights, this is the market for you. Get it in soon!

Guidelines here (close Jan 31!)


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