Aurealis Awards

Well, it’s the awards season and the Aurealis Awards shortlists have been announced.

There is a list of the nominees at HorrorScope and I’m sure the AA website will be updated soon.

As usual, there are some surprises and some disappointments (for those not listed). Myself, I’ve taken a very Zen approach about my work in the latter half of this year, particularly knowing my best is yet to come – and I only get angsty on behalf of our projects these days. There are many fine and deserving AA nominees and many more fine and deserving writers who didn’t make the list. I’m particularly pleased Lee Battersby’s Pater Familias (Shadowed Realms #3) made the list. Congrats to everyone nominated though, and to the judges and organisers.

I’m most especially looking forward to seeing the list of nominees for the Peter MacNamara Convenors Award, which hasn’t yet been announced.