Aurealis Awards postscript

I have volunteered to act as the Convenor of the Horror Division of the Aurealis Awards this year.

I have volunteered my services to assist the Aurealis Awards director.

I have also volunteered to act as a judge this year for the AHWA’s Australian Shadows Award.

I’m aware that every horror story I have published in 2007 (and currently there are 14 accepted for publication in professional venues and Aussie zines, plus several more originals in an upcoming collection) will be ineligible for both awards. When it comes to my love for the genre and the quest for greater respect for dark fiction, my money has ALWAYS been where my mouth is.

I was going to post a long manifesto of what I believe awards should be, professional standards of conduct etc, but in the end, I’ll settle for any award, be it the AAs or the Australian Shadows or anything else, to be seen to be even-handed, to be inclusive, and above all else, to be professional.