As if?

Announcement 4:

Following on from the many insights into a writer’s life from Ms Deborah Biancotti, I’ll be in the Asif! Forum hotseat for the next two weeks, starting from tomorrow.

I tend to talk in terms of project end-points on this blog and other places, rarely in terms of my own writing or editing or reviewing, so if you have a burning question to ask, the next two weeks are the perfect opportunity.

Of course, there are the two or three or… 5000! (or so it feels) pies I have my finger in, so I’m happy to discuss the inner workings of those as well.

But here’s one quick answer before I take the ASif! plunge:

I’m far from a ‘raging egotist’ but may occasionally appear that way in text. Please don’t let that dissuade you from throwing a question out there.