*Argh, Cobras!*

Okay all you psycho-analysers… try this one on for size…

I am walking in bushland when I come across a worm-sized black snake. The snake grows before my eyes, becoming more aggressive as each moment passes, until it is poised to strike. Sensing this, I bound away, and run as fast as I can. Yet somehow, this black snake is gaining on me.


Suddenly, I am running through the dining room of my home, the snake still in tow and drawing closer. In desperation, I dive up on the kitchen cupboards. As the snake approaches, I jump over it and bolt through the house again. As before, the snake is no quitter and goes after me with a vengeance. In my flight, I pick up a weapon I gave Ange as a gift a while back, and turn to face the slithering fiend.

With one deft slash, I sever the snake’s head, instantly halting its advance. While the body twitches, the head wriggles forward, still intent on plunging its fangs into my leg. Out of sheer survival, I smash the weapon down on the disembodied head. And for good measure, I empty a conveniently handy can of insect spray onto it, ensuring its demise.

When I do remember my dreams (and nightmares), one of my recurring themes is fleeing in slow motion, often from a nemesis I can’t quite define. This one with the snake is one I have had several times before, just in different variants.

So… I’ve read what the Dream book had to say. Anyone out there want to take a stab at the dream’s meaning? Comments welcome.