Apple clamps down on Sony ebooks

While on the subject of Alan Baxter, he has commented on a New York Times article about Apple restricting sales of Sony’s ebooks through their iPhone/iPad apps (unless those transactions go through Apple’s system).

As Alan sums it up:

“Apple want their 30% cut of every ebook sold from the Sony Reader store through the Sony Reader app on any of their devices.”

This is just another bump on the road to making ebooks more widely available, or as Alan sees it:

“The downside to this for us is that it’s holding back the emergence of ebooks as mainstream story consumption. By adding complication and costs to the delivery of ebooks, it only makes things more expensive for the end purchaser and slows the all-products-on-all-devices world that we desire. For ebooks to work properly and for prices to settle to an acceptable norm, people need to be able to buy any book from any store and read it on any device.”

Read the full New York Times article here.