Any artists interested in comic books?

I’ve written a 4-page comic book script (based on my short story “Spin the Witch Bottle”), and if an interested illustrator would like to draw the art (to a professionally accepted standard!), the story is likely to be published in a new Australian horror graphic novel/anthology.

It’s a 4-the-love project (i.e. the publisher isn’t paying anyone, including me), but it is an entrance into the Aussie comic book industry.

If you know any dark artists interested in expanding their portfolio or giving comics a try, please ask them to email me at



  1. Richard Worth says:

    Hey, I’m not an artist but I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the publishers. I’m also an artist-less writer so I’m on the look out to get some of my stories out there somewhere. Good luck with the artist search.