Another purge

We conducted another Shadowed Realms purge today, clearing all the stories we had earmaked ‘not for publication’. There were quite a few quality stories in the batch, but sadly ones that weren’t quite right for any number of reasons. It took several hours, and a whole bunch of emails, but we are back down to the stories we’re not quite sure what to do about. The acceptances are still in the pipeline, receiving line edits. It’s really the good-but-can-we-squeeze-this-one-ins that are posing a problem.

Overall, I’m pleased with the quality of submissions we’re receiving, although I know Ange is insistent on making it darker, and more brutal.

Regarding my writing, I had Revision is Murder bounce back at me from Lenox Ave – they said it was well-received, but not quite what they’re after. I sometimes doubt the quality of my story-telling, or even style, but the consistently positive feedback I receive always assures me I’m on the right track. The story has now been sent to Oceans of the Mind – my first try with them.

Elsewhere, Ange and I continued our respective fitness regimes. We took another long walk together early this morning, and ended up caught in a protracted downpour about a km from home. Needless to say, we arrive absolutely saturated. The cruelest blow was the fine weather that developed no more than an hour later. Damn you, random weather patterns!