Another milestone!

It was only a few weeks ago (or so it seems) since I celebrated this blog’s milestone of 666 visitors. Now I’ve cracked four figures – officially reaching more than a 1000 visits in a few short months.

So, with such an auspicious occasion, it’s time to reflect on the most important part of the blogging experience. Statistics!

According to my profile:

* This is my 119th post.

* I have written approximately 46,000 words (getting into novel territory here!)

* Averaging 4 posts per week.

* 44 outbound links.

* Started in March 04 – running for 7 months.

Fascinating stuff!

In real news, Harbinger is now on its way to Tor Books in the US. Everything crossable on my body has been crossed. I’d pray to some dark voodoo deity if it would help, but instead, I’m relying on a solid synopsis, a quality prologue and 2 chapters, and hopefully enough credits amassed in short fiction markets over the last 12ish months.

In light of the hullabaloo that has befallen Brutarian Quaterly, a professional magazine, I have submitted Ian with an outside hope for placement. Apparently their slushpile may or may not be deleted, so it can’t hurt to try my luck. In the meantime, I’ve sent Genesis Six (the more polished version, rather than the dodgy one in the Brutarian subs pile) to Ellen Datlow at Sci-fiction ( I’m interested to see if I get a personalised response, as we will both be attending Clarion South 2005. Of course, I’m not banking on that with this story. It’s one of my better ones, and in a way, a statement about what I’m capable of. I feel it’s important to set the stage early, and know where the players stand.

Elsewhere, I’ve polished old (and strange) flash piece, A Reason to Murder, and bundled that off with Victims of Circumstance to Lullaby Hearse. As usual, I have high hopes.

I had Firewall v1.1 rejected from Corpse Blossoms anthology, but have since subbed Midnight on the Jetty. I have no idea how that will fare.

In other events, I’ve been neck-deep in TAFE assignments. I’ve done up a very speccy looking design (with rollovers!) for a fictional company called ‘Joe’s Fruit & Vegetables’. I’ll post the design up when I have more spare time, it looks kinda nifty and professional. Who knows? If the writing gig falls over, I may end up in web design?

Speaking of which – my new web domain will be launched in a few days. Don’t get too excited though – it’s the same content on a new domain name, hosted by a US company. The old site will still be around for a long time to come. I’ll have a direct link from that site to my new one.