Another awesome review of Shards

Continuing the theme of good fortune and favourable turns that come out of nowhere, Martin Livings has posted an awesome review of Shards on ASif. This is the latest of several recent very kind reviews:

“[Shards is] handsome, slick, professional… hell, it’s kind of sexy, to be perfectly frank. Together, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Andrew McKiernan and Brimstone Press have collaborated to create a superior collection in Shards, filled with fantastic illustrations and razor-sharp flash fiction that won’t disappoint fans of the form, and may even create some new ones, given the chance.”

Hopefully, a few brave souls out there might be tempted to read some dark flash fiction after reading Martin’s review. Thanks, Martin!

Also of note is Martin’s comment on “Itch”, which is currently online as part of LegumeMan’s free fiction series:

“Oh my lord, “Itch” can only be described as excruciating; it had me genuinely squirming as I read it, which has to be a good thing in my opinion.”