Angel, no more


I wasn’t too distraught when Buffy left the air. The entire seventh season was a bit of a non-event for me. But Angel, well, noooooooooooooooooooooo!

I was aware this was the last season. I was also aware the studio execs had inexplicably cut the series short. The sad thing is, after the struggle in the first two seasons, I really, really got into Angel season three. Even at the expense of Buffy. I’m always sucked in by convincing Armageddon type scenarios.

As far as the final episode (and stop reading if you don’t want a spoiler here) – Wesley? They pulled an ‘Anya’ (for the uninitiated, Anya was killed in the finale of Buffy – but it wasn’t just her death – it was the unceremoniousness of her death that I genuinely felt). Poor Wesley! They do the nasty stuff to my favourite characters. I spose with Fred’s earlier death, there is a neat synergy to it all. But that doesn’t make me like it any better.

And what was the deal with the final scene – suitably heroic I guess. On one level, I really loved it. On another, I hated it – it embodied the abruptness and uncertainty that marked the termination of the series in general. I know how my readers must feel when they get to the end of one of my vague, cliffhanger stories. Damn frustrated, but in part, in a good way.


At least I have ALL of Buffy on DVD, and all of Angel except for the current season. So, in a way, the ‘loss’ is lessened.

Television will be a little poorer now that Joss Whedon’s Buffyverse is no more.

Alright, in other areas – despite a slow start to the day, I knuckled down to 1400 more words on The Savage Redemption of Gaia. The story is turning into a dialogue-delivered info-dump, but hey, there’s too much backstory to do it any other way. I’m only just coming to the actiony stuff, which forms the ‘savage redemption’ part of the story. For the interested, here’s a small slice of today’s Gaia pie:

“Next came Fire,” she said, borrowing Yumi’s shoulder for support as they approached the cave. “More than ten thousand souls were harvested for Fire’s creation. Ten thousand sacrifices for nothing. The Fire elemental consumed an entire continent in its creation. The volatile thing soon went mad, and razed another continent in its death throes. Half the world burned for our folly.”

I also notice I sent through a bucketload of submissions out into the marketplace in the last few days. They include (in no particular order): Cruel Summer series, Brimstone, Victims of Circumstance, Bump in the Night, Autobahn Dance and Firewall v1.1. Of those, I heard back tonight that SmokeLong Quarterly, a flash magazine, knocked back Brimstone. As it is only 50 words, I’m not feeling too despondant at this stage.

And for the keen, Bump in the Night is out soon on Antipodean SF. Check it out!