An outing in the hills

Before I go on, did I mention that On Dark Clouds Borne was voted second-most popular story in Antipodean SF issue 72? I’m rather chuffed, given it doesn’t have that fun’n’quirky Anti SF sensibility, and also because NONE of my family voted for it! I told them about it, but alas, my votes were the result of kind strangers and appreciative readers. That makes the result all the more ‘earned’.

You can read the story on the archived Pandora project site (where the National Library of Australia permanently archive Anti SF stories).

Okay, onto my outing in the hills…

Today I attended the KSP Writers Centre SF group for the first time. Fortunately, I came prepared, and allowed the smallish gathering to dissect one quarter of my Dread Seasons QuartetRainbow Speckled Field. The choice of story seemed an act of providence. Much of the discussion prior was about animals as characters in stories. I guess my talking rabbits slotted right in there.

While it was only a small turn out, their were a couple of notable or rising writers – Dave Luckett was the pre-ordained facilitator, although that seemed the last thing on his mind. Lee Battersby dropped in at the start, but disappeared before the group began. I also received some interesting pointers/critique from Ian McHugh, the winner of the Conflux short story competition this year.

But you know what struck me? Yes, I played it cool, but I continue to surprise myself with the progress I have made as a writer these last several months. Both Dave, a multi-published novelist and Ian said they had been rejected by ASIM. I found it pertinent not to tell them that newbie-me has a story that will likely be appearing in an upcoming issue.

I also found it satisfying to discuss Shadowed Realms. Explaining about the mag, and our 4c/word pay rate, was particularly well timed as the discussion previously dwelt on the lack of paid opportunities in Australia (with mention of ASIM’s 1.25c/word rate).

I could go on, but out of discretion I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Tonight, my household harem have low batteries, so it’s a staple diet of junk food and DVDs.