An increase in Deviance

Apocrypha Deviance3Throughout 2011 and much of 2012, The Smoke Dragon was my most downloaded book. In the latter half of 2012, the momentum shifted, and while The Smoke Dragon continued to be downloaded at respectable rates, Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance shot up in popularity. In the same period, Deviance has received some amazing four and five star reviews. Perhaps horror is becoming more sought out these days? If so, it’s a good thing I have more books on the way!

Here is a selection of those amazing reviews…

Cameron on Goodreads said:

This collection of short stories really blew me away. The man writes some really great characters, but what I love about this collection is that he creates a whole sort of mythos around the character, and then gives us just a glimpse inside it. Each story has a richly thought-out background, and we step in as readers just when it gets juicy for the character, the height of their experience within it … and then the author pulls us right back out again.

I love stories like that, but I definitely want to read some of his longer works to see how much he can draw out and develop a set of characters and their situation beyond just a handful of (e-)pages.

I’ve bought the other three books in this Sequence and am VERY MUCH looking forward to reading them.

Matthew on Amazon said:

I first discovered Cummings in a Scott Nicholson collection of short dark horror stories [SJC – Gateway Drug]. I liked his morgue story so much that I decided to see what else he had to offer in one of his own collections.

Deviance is a collection of very disturbing and very creative short dark horror stories. They’re mostly chilling without being over the top in terms of gore and shock value which I found to be a refreshing change of pace. A lot of writers in this genre tend to lean too much on shock value in order to make up for thin stories. That’s not the case with this collection. The atmosphere and deranged goings on serve as a dismal backdrop for the characters and how they react to the sick twisted world they inhabit.

Very good stuff.

Jennifer on Goodreads said:

This compilation of short stories is sure to please fans of the macabre, fantasy, and outright madness. I preferred some stories over others as is common with a collection of shorts. Fans of this collection will be delighted to know that the Kindle edition of this book is currently free on Amazon. Additionally delightful is that there are 3 more books in this series at low cost on Amazon for the Kindle. The author is from Australia. I stumbled upon this book by accident and am glad I did. I now have a new author to add to my list in the horror and macabre category. Enjoy. And happy…nightmares.

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the kind words. More importantly, I appreciate that people I don’t know, people who aren’t peers or connected to the Australian small press (my previous haunt), are reading and enjoying my stories! Ebooks are providing a genuinely global avenue for work from authors such as myself to be enjoyed.

If you’re interested in reading Deviance, you can download it for free from Amazon and elsewhere. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts! If you enjoy Deviance, you will certainly enjoy the other three volumes in the Apocrypha Sequence (Divinity, Insanity, and Inferno)