An imminent sense of freedom

I forgot to mention I completed my final uni assignment today – a 2000 word essay on ‘Feminist representation and intertextuality in Michael Cunningham’s The Hours and Helen Garner’s Joe Cinque’s Consolation’

And to think I said at Clarion I wasn’t into all that ‘literature and stuff’. 😉

With that, my first year of the Arts Degree is complete! Which means a blissful several months before semester one starts next year. University demands have considerably drained my time and energy, so the next few months of freedom should see me complete much of my editing responsibilities and even write a bit more.

Regrettably, to ensure university was not left in a heap, and Shadow Box (plus a couple of other anthologies) were completed on time, I dropped the hope of completing my novel Harbinger for the Lothian Books call for submissions. I did this at the start of October to stay sane, but now that the deadline has been and gone, I do feel a pang of regret. It had to give though, something did. Fortunately there could be a call next year, which will allow me to do the job properly.

All I need to do now is the final preps on Shadow Box (coming out next week!) and then secure myself that dreaded return to full time employment once more.

Ahhh the freedom!