An Iceberg

24 hours is not enough time in the day. Sleep is for the weak.

These things:
Shadowed Realms #6
Shadowed Realms #9 (Redback special issue)
Shadow Box e-anthology
The Book of Shadows
Macabre: The New Era of Australian Horror

… are just the tip of the iceberg.

Despite the looming iceberg, somewhere, somehow, my writing continues. Actually, the revisions continue.

SHARDS – Thirty Short Sharp Tales – my flash fiction collection is now complete and undergoing final revisions (including a commentary by a fictional character) before it is to be submitted to a publisher (with cover!).

Work progresses on a number of writing fronts, especially the tail end of In the Heart of Midnight, and structural revisions on my Fading Twilight novella, Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves.