An easy day

Well, I couldn’t help myself.

Ange was home today, it was cold, threatening to rain, and the heater was just too damn inviting. Yes, I had a lazy, sit around typa day. Only a few things of minor note took place.

Marginata magazine arrived in the post, reminding me that Siege is due out in their next issue (around August).

The first of my completely unrelated trilogy of stories in Flash Shot is due out on the 7th (a few days time) – get over there, subscribe, and bask in the 40 word glory that is HELL.

I’m still coming down from my post-Aurealis acceptance cloud. Heady days, now that I’m on the verge of cracking the holy trilogy of quality Australian magazines – Aurealis (with Sobek’s Tears), Borderlands (with Hear No Evil), and ASIM (almost there with IAN, but Repaginator stands a good chance). Not to mention some highly possibles in professional ranks elsewhere, such as the exceptional Alley of Dead Whores (to The 3rd Alternative), Hear No Evil (reprint – to Weird Tales), and Firewall v1.1 and Blasphemy on Eight Wheels in contests.

Now, speaking of Blasphemy on Eight Wheels, I have decided to lodge it as my entry in the Writers of the Future contest in America. It is printed and ready to go. Breaking that market could open a plethora of opportunities.

Finally, a lot of my day has been spent critically assessing stories for An Alternative Time anthology. I have three promising ones on the coffee table (well, it’s actually a tribal drum, but hey), including one by a bona-fide world-renowned writer. Remarkably, it is the energy and exuberance of the lesser lights that has caught my eye – but there’s a long way to go – many grammatical and syntax errors, as well as chunks of unnecessary language or explanations that need trimming. I hold my breath when the pre-deadline surge of submissions hits in August. At least I’m not the slush reader!