Amazon author page

In some great news, Chaosium has announced in a recent update that Cthulhu’s Dark Cults, edited by David Conyers, is due for an August or September release. It’s great (at least for me) because my novella “Requiem for the Burning God”, a rip-snorter of a 1930s Lovecraftian Peruvian adventure (with zeppelins and pseudopods!), is filling up a significant portion of the anthology.

The anthology also features stories from Aussies Penelope Love, David Witteveen, and Conyers himself. The whole package looks to be a corker of a read, and it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon for a ridiculously good price!

In related news, David has convinced me to set up a fledgling Amazon author page. On Smoke and Mirrors, you’ll see a link on the right. All Smoke and Mirrors posts will be syndicated on the Amazon page, so that’s exceptionally cool.