Almost famous

I had the most surreal experience this morning.

Fan mail – of a sort.

I was corresponding (by email) with a man by the name of Simon, from the US.

Simon Graves.

For those not aware, Simon Graves is the protagonist of my novel, Harbinger, as well as the latter novels in the series.

I’m guessing he came across Harbinger during a web search. I certainly feel for the guy. It would be strange to see your name up there on the web, sounding like sinister things were happening and some guy was talking about you behind your back. I performed a web search myself, and found the first reference to MY Simon Graves under the Synopsis page on my website. How would you feel if you saw…

“The world of Simon Graves is dark.”

Well, aside from the whole weirded out vibe, Simon (the non-fictional one) was interested in obtaining a copy of the book. Good on ‘im! I’m sure that would be a real quirky treat to show his family (when the novel does eventually come out). I can see it now.. ‘Look ma! I’m being chased through a haunted house by a monster!’

It’s a shame the book is a fair way from print status.


This is my second brush with pseudo-fame from strangers. The first was that proposed interview from the people at Night Allusions – an internet discussion forum for horror writers. Unfortunately that venture folded recently, leaving my proposed interview high and dry. If anyone else wishes to interview me – I’m free! (witty anecdotes included!) *unsubtle hint*

I’m sure that sort of stuff inevitably comes with writing books, and when it does finally arrives, I’m sure I’ll wish the whole fame thing never happened – seeing that I’m a semi-recluse and all.

Oh, on that subject, I just found out I was accepted into the TAFE Web site course. Sounds splendiferous, even if it does mean I have to leave the house on a regular basis and interact with people. That could be daunting.

I used to be a Team Leader with the government. I used to rely on communication and interpersonal skills to manage thirty people with competing demands. How has it come to me being so hermitish? Maybe my interpersonal skills are a facade of a fractured personality? Who knows?

I neglected to mention that my resignation was accepted from the above stated job. The HR lady who’d become a contact during the many troubled months of my leadership reign actually wished me luck with the writing thang. I’ve earmarked her for a copy of either Disparate Whispers, or Harbinger, whichever is released first.