Almost cracked one!

…A market, that is!

Ideomancer is one of my bogey markets. Despite recent problems, it has ever been a slick professional (now semi-pro) webzine, worthy of aspiration. Several of my better stories have tried and failed there. Notably Sobek’s Tears, the Black Door, and a few flash stories.

This morning, I was asked to do a re-write on my latest submission to them. Ironically, not one of my masterpieces – but a 140 word time filler I blurted out while waiting for Ange to relinquish the shower one day. I’m talking about Vows, and the editor seemed very keen on the story. While not an acceptance, this is the bone I’ve been hanging out for from Ideomancer, one I’ll hopefully capitalise on with a sterling rewrite.

Suffice to say, the news has left me bouyant for much of the day.

On the negative side, Firewall v1.1 was rejected by TWO places today – first by Stephen Dedman at Borderlands, then by Surreal magazine (in a few hours). The latter also referred to me simply as Jiraiya, which was very post-modern of them.

I also sent off Shadow of Revenge (my ‘Fight’ story) to a couple of fellow KSPers. Lee has already given me some useful feedback, echoing several things Ange has already mentioned. Once polished (beyond a first draft), I’ll send it to Chizine.