Alan Baxter’s New Age of Publishing

I’ve said that I was going to host a conversation on ebooks during the month of February, right? Actually, I still need to post about that, but anyway… Aussie author Alan Baxter beat me to the punch by a good two months. He’s posted a series of guest posts on his blog during December and January, and I’m the latest guest (number eight) in Alan’s series.

In my guest post, I discuss a bit more of the background of my Grand Experiment, and I go into detail on some of the hard data I have from the first week of my experiment.

Here’s some of the relevant info:

The early signs are looking good. The Smoke Dragon, which is free on Smashwords (but 99c on Amazon because of their pricing limitations), has rocketed up the ‘most downloaded’ fantasy chart at Smashwords, and in a week (and without much in the way of promotion), it has been downloaded 230 times and been given two great reviews (one five star, one four star). Plus, I’ve sold two copies on Amazon. The fascinating thing about The Smoke Dragon is that it was available as a free PDF on my website for more than 12 months. You know how many times it was downloaded from my site? Three.

You can read my full ramble on Alan’s blog.