A virgin no more

Well, the inevitable has happened – I’ve lost my literary virginity.

The first of my accepted short stories has hit print and is available for general consumption. The story in question is On Dark Clouds Borne, and it is sitting quite politely over on the virtual pages of Antipodean SF. I insist you check it out immediately and then vote for the story in the readers poll! Go on! Read and vote!

In other news, I churned out a disappointing 600ish words on Harbinger today. I snagged myself on a pop-culture reference (trying to think of a song that would pop into a characters head) and then lost momentum. I also found myself drifting back to reading the Antipodean SF website time and again. Having your story out there for the world to see, all naked and raw and vulnerable, is a novel experience.

While lingering on the Antipodean website, I read the editorial. It happened to mention, quite praisingly actually, the quality of the ‘first timers’ in that edition. With me being one of them, naturally I felt inclined to take all the credit. As an unashamed glory hog, I hatched the brainchild of a reviews page on my website. Extracting the ‘first timers’ bit from the editorial, I now have the nucleus of what I expect to be a rapidly growing reviews page. Neat eh?

Now a swirl of short story ideas have circulated through my brain. Foremost among them is a grim space opera called Achilles Forsaken. The blurb is on my News page. I’m not sure when I’ll tackle it, but it should be soon.