A New Toy!

I’m now typing this entry on my (almost) brand new toy. In a spending spree of modest proportions, I was authorised by the family to splurge on a newish laptop. The result – a factory refurbished Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 with all the necessary gadgets: like dvd drive; USB, modem and ethernet ports; 256mb RAM etc. The processor is only a P3 700, but in all other aspects, it’s pretty uber and at a third of the price of a new one, I’m not complaining. After getting it up and running, I nipped down to the computer shop and scored myself the tiniest mouse I’ve ever seen in my life. So tiny, in fact, that I’ve witnessed larger things propel from people’s noses than this mouse.

So now the household has no less than 4 network computers – 3 PCs of excellent quality, and this little old laptop. 4 computers for three people? That’s right. We keep the extra available for the dog, just in case she needs to creatively flex her paws occasional.

Elsewise, I had my first rejection from Cemetery Dance – a form rejection (for Dread Seasons Quartet) no less. Needless to say, I was enraptured. But hey, the Quartet will no doubt sell somewhere. I also had Moist Chrome on Void and Autobahn Dance return to me in the negative. I was expectant with both, but will continue to toil.

I also decided not to press ahead with the NaNoWriMo thang. The loss of sanity would be too great at this juncture, especially considering the burden of TAFE assignments and editorial duties at present.

Speaking of editorialness, the next issue of Shadowed Realms looms, and is looking to be a particularly creepy issue. Well, it should hit a nerve or two. The artwork is looking rather splendid I might add.