A near miss, a near hit and a bullseye!

The near miss – Alley of Dead Whores was rejected by Brutarian magazine. This US prozine stated it was a fine story, but too long for their close to brimming line-up this year. I’m sending Alley to The Third Alternative mag in the UK. The main drawback is the story’s size – at 6000 words, it’s a shade too long for most prozines.

The near hit – Robbie from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine let me know Ian (the story) is being considered for his forthcoming issue of ASIM. Cool. Fingers crossed there.

The bullseye – my strange little story/poem Countdown Macabre was accepted by Flashshot, bringing my contribution to their schedule (and yearly anthology) to three stories (comprising Countdown, Hell & Web).

Today I’ve spent pretty much in formatting mode – editing Alley of Dead Whores (adding one last touch), and Wisps of Pallid Snow (Ange changed it for a more dramatic ending), as well as printing out applications for various things (see future blog posts for more info) and conducting research.