A millstone

No, not a milestone, a millstone.

That’s how I’m feeling about Harbinger at present. These final touchups and additions are full of tweaky frustration. I long to have three or four decent novel-length manuscripts under my belt, just so I can really feel like I’m penetrating this writing gig. They do say the first one is always the hardest. Well, I guess I’ll soon find out. Somewhere in the next 1-12 months (presumably 3-6), I’ll hear back from Tor and see what they have to say.

One of life’s ironies (for a writer) is short fiction often gets heavily critique and lavished with feedback, yet you can often expect a ‘form’ rejection from the big players on a 100,000 word+ novel you’ve been slaving months (or years!) over. I am however, quite optimistic. Perhaps borderline psychotically optimistic, but there ya go.

Everything else is pretty quiet on the western front.

Robert Stephenson is sending me a wad of An Alternative Time stories. Shadowed Realms stories have slowed to a steady trickle again, after a very recent influx that we’re just getting on top of. Of my own stories, Ian was bounced from Brutarian and On Dark Clouds Borne (the synopsis, not even the story!) had the thumbs down from Feral Fiction.

I’m now licking wounds and consolidating. Always scheming, scheming…