A labelled Addict

Adam just pointed out something remarkable in its sinisterness

The Google ads above believe I’m a drug addict that needs rehabilitation, or at least a place to rest away from the perils of the drug washed streets of South Central LA (where I do all my hardcore Coke stuff).

In case it sounds like I’ve gone insane, Adam made his poignant comments under my post (2 down) about Coke (the drink) withdrawal. I made some equally poignant, if slightly off-kilter, observations there (click on the comments thingy for that post).

I don’t get many. In fact, I’m in a comment drought right now. So thanks Adam, you’ve broken my drought, given me the chance to laugh out loud (and yes, anyone who knows me knows I’d rather write out ‘laughs out loud’ rather than LOL, because, hey, apparently writing something casual sounding, including acronyms, is nigh on impossible for me according to my family), and generally be amused.