A day at the market

An awfully big adventure
The family pulled up the tent pegs and journeyed up to Kalamanda to support the Jacquii in their first commercial venture – the first public outing of Evelee jewellery

The day went well. We wandered the market and although Hayley was as sick as a dog, she had the delighted glazed eyes of a teenager shopping amongst bric-a-brac and bargains. I did the usual ‘Shane’ thing of being too tired/whatever and piked out early, collapsing in the car for a midday siesta. In the interim, the Jacquii sold several items and made a tidy profit, despite their outcastual position on the fringe of the market.

Their jewellery is hand-made, sophisticated, and rocks, well and truly. Did I mention they have a website? (well, it’s a rudimentary one – but email them if you want a spectacular custom order at an extremely reasonable price.

We took photos of our market day, but like most of my commentary, they have been forbidden from reaching public airwaves. 🙂

I did however pick-up a cheap novel by that bastion of nineties Australian horror, G M Hague (Voices of Evil). I thought, what the hell. It’s too early for me to pass judgement, but I’ll try to give a favourable, open-minded read.

Why I may not appear in ASIM any time soon
I don’t normally blog my rejections anymore (although I’m in a bit of a reject lull – two acceptances in a row, and over 20 stories still floating around in the ether), but I thought I might muse on quality Aussie outfit Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and my relationship with them.

One of my stories, with a bizarre and perhaps lame twist at the end, was rejected after a couple of reading rounds. The reader comments intrigued me, and upheld my belief that my stuff is no longer being rejected (as far as I’m aware) based on ‘journeyman’ writing mistakes (Gerunds, Mr. Swanwick? No sir, not a one!) With the technical stuff unblemished, it’s now coming down to the central idea of the stories, and their ‘closeness’ of fit with the publication in question.

I sent this story to ASIM with high hopes, but the reader report suggested my story was too violent. I thought about it, and yes, violent it was! I thought the twist was lame enough to be cool, and the idea also had coolness, but I can’t help but think I’m just not cut out to write something along the lighter SF tone. Perhaps Ian, which will be in the next issue of Ticonderoga Online, is one of my lightest, and even that ends up in an asylum! 🙂

My next intended ASIM story is the recent Love in the Land of the Dead. Again, it has a cool finish, but it does involve the eating of brains, so even though I’d have thought ‘yeah, it’s a sure thing’, I’m guessing the violent-and-dark-o-meter may ring again.

And here I was thinking I was writing quality literature, if possessing something of a darker edge. Hell, the last ‘close fit’ story I had to a publication (not ASIM, btw) was rejected with the words (of which I’m perversely very proud) “This is a rather evil tale not only of a misogynistic but also misanthropic bent.”

Oh well… “Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnssss!”