A career Apex

The dauntless Jason Sizemore, Bram Stoker-nominated editor extraordinaire of the Apex Publications dynasty, has selected me as the Apex featured writer of the month!

It’s quite a coup to be the first Aussie* writer to appear as monthly featured writer. Apex Digest is in my opinion the best semi-pro US zine out there and is really making a splash.

If you’re really interested, an extensive interview has been posted on this month’s Apex Online. In the interview, I discuss my take on definitions of horror (how I see it as a literature of fear), Australian horror writers, success at home and abroad, vegemite, and no doubt something that someone will find controversial. To make the interview all the more fascinating, Jason has included a giant picture of my head for your viewing disturbance.

You’ll also find my story “The Garden Shed Pact” (from Borderlands #7) reprinted there. If the photo doesn’t disturb you, the story sure as hell will!

On all matters Apex, the table of contents for the Best of Apex 2006 (featuring my apocalyptic story “Genesis Six” from Apex Digest #8) has been announced:

Blood Baby – Jennifer Pelland
The Queen of Stars – Bryn Sparks
That Old Sandlands Fever – Douglas F. Warrick
Cerbo en Vitro ujo – Mary Robinette Kowal
Genesis Six – Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Starfish – Steve Parker
Indigestion – Robby Sparks
How to Raise a Human – Deb Taber

It’s good company to be in. The anthology will only be available direct from Apex. For a taste, you check out the Best of Apex 2005.

* Bryn Sparks, NZ’s best and darkest, beat me by a good eighteen months, but this is one of those occasions where we can divest NZ from Australia. When it comes to all other NZ actors, singers, artists, and writers successful on the world stage, they’re all officially ‘Australian’.