A brief mixed bag kinda update

The eyes are strained, so I’ll keep this update brief (yes, an near-impossability for me, but I’ll try).

I was very naughty on the one hand today, skipping out on going to TAFE. But on the other hand, I capitalised on a bit of work on the weekend and completed four modules for my Advanced Diploma of Arts (remember that old thing?). That herculean effort sees me past the ridge and into the home straight with that particular course, allowing to concentrate solely on the web site course and writing again.

After much email cajoling, the Shadowed Realms submissions have continued the upsurge. Now we find ourselves with a number of excellent stories, and a growing number of good/borderline acceptance/rewrite subs. Of course, we’re greedy for much, much more as we’re now selecting for the next two issues (that’s at least twelve stories we need to find in three months). Most intriguing is the increasing number of pro SFWA and HWA writers who’ve submitted. The quality of their work is uniformly a cut above the average writer, but there are also a number of rookies who’ve sent stuff in that has kept us enraptured.

Oh, and just a little disclaimer if you happen across this blog in your frenzy for Shadowed Realms info. I’m the PR guy for the magazine, the technical writer-adviser, and partially the heart of the operation. However, I can freely solicit subs and info without a guilty conscience as ultimately I’m not the guy making the final decisions. That’s Angela’s job, and that’s why she maintains such a chronically low profile. She’s the brains and the hand wielding big stick (or alternatively the encouraging pat on the shoulder).

On that note, I went to the KSP Writers Centre yesterday. Lee Battersby, almost a household name in Australian short fiction these days, is a regular member, and was facilitating the group. Fortunately he came armed with a plethora of writing exercises, so for the first time ever, I actually did a number of writing tasks on the fly. Being tired from the minimal sleep the night before, my snippets were absolute crap (with a billion adjectives thrown in to boot). But it was good at least to do some writing. Lee even solicited from me more Shadowed Realms info for interested group members, which was gentlemanly of him, given none of my synapses were firing at the time for me to take the initiative.

Okay, I’m now in danger of letting this go beyond brief…

One last thing – Plan Ni was rejected by ASIM (damn!), but promptly resubbed to Fortean Bureau. Practical Joke has been turntabled as my next ASIM submission. I sent it in tonight. I also heard that my kiddy flash/horror story, Fridge, is still kicking around at Story House (pro-level coffee label publisher in the US), so here’s hoping on a new sale.