A bridesmaid double

Dangnabbit! I just found out my ‘Hayley’ story, Bump in the Night, rated second on the Antipodean SF readers poll.

Why all the gosh, darn cussin’ you might say? Well, my last story on Antipodean SF, On Dark Clouds Borne (*hushed tone* the one both Ange and Hayley passionately despise but other editors love), ALSO rated second.

Two second placings – it’s nothing to sneeze at. In fact, I should feel quite chuffed about it. Two outta ten is an outstanding result. Twice even! But always, that evil competitive streak goads me into rashness. Goading. Goading.

Instead of dwelling on my relative reader popularity, I’ll instead devote all my malevolent energy and scheming into ensuring Countdown Macabre (which will appear in the September issue of Antipodean SF, after receiving absolutely rave reviews from its first outing in Flash Shot) finally gains the top spot.

*rubs hands together while grinning maniacally*