A bit o’ business

The first Brimstone Press books – Book of Shadows vol 1 and Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2006 edition – are now available for advance order at Shocklines. This could well save mailing costs for US readers keen to get a bit o’ Aussie fiction. While there, you can also still order a Shadow Box CD. [Of course, all of these excellent titles are also on the Brimstone Press website].

For Aussie dark fiction writers, Angela is on the lookout for the best and darkest published in 2006 for Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007 edition. She and I read all the Aussie publications, but drop her an email (mail [@] brimstonepress. com. au) if you want to send her something for consideration or recommend something special that you’ve read. I’ll pass more specific info along to various mailing lists etc soon. Something to keep in mind: non-fiction essays/articles are considered and are especially sought right now.

In other business, Shadowed Realms has closed its doors to submissions for the year. Please don’t knock again until 1 February 2007. However, if you want a few more spoonfuls of the good stuff (with fairy dust sprinkled with blood), Shadowed Realms #12 will be popping up on the web with a bunch of twisted fairy tales (and other stories) just in time for Christmas! Goodie!