Deep wounds and imminent journeys

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. Everyone was in a cantankerous mood at some point during the day, which erupted in a series of ever-increasing explosions that finally climaxed with a shattering emotional conflagration in the late evening.

Fortunately today has seen the smoke clear and tempers reach amiable equilibrium once more.

The Easter Bunny made a premature appearance, delivery chocolate on Good Friday (I still can’t figure out why Christians call it ‘good’) instead of Sunday because of our imminent departure tomorrow night.

Much of the day was spent in preparation. Organising clothes, last-minute domestics, especially folding and ironing, scribing instructions for the Jacquii to follow etc. In and around this, I attempted to get into my latest short story, Autobahn Dance. The title is familiar, almost Deja-vu-ish. I’m sure someone famous has used it somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t remember who/when/where.

Also in preparation for tomorrow’s flight, Ange and I went shopping in the city yesterday. We came away with a cool digital camera (for the afficionados out there – its a Ricoh Caplio, 3.6 megapixels, 10Mb memory with added 128Mb card) for a reasonable price. We also came away with understanding the complexities of duty-free shopping, and a pre-order for Oscar De La Rente perfume and oversized bottles of Kahlua and Grand Marnier.

As for tonight, some friends are coming around for a last minute socialise, and perhaps I’ll tackle more of Autobahn Dance. I won’t hold my breath.

While carousing around Singapore and Phuket, I will take my Ipaq PDA and hopefully will get the chance to scribble some story ideas as they inspire me. I don’t expect to get any writing done per se, but who knows the mysteries of boredom on an Asian beach.

I doubt I’ll get Internet access overseas, but may perhaps surprise myself. For now though, au revoir. Check back on this blog in about 10 days.