Building a house of tarp

The spiralling-out-of-control moving in saga of the Jacquii (my new label for Jacqui Eve and Jacquie Lee) has culminated in a deluxe camp site being erected in the front yard. On top of outfitting the campervan, Ange and I spent most of the day erecting the largest tarp in Perth (yes, I kid you not) as an overlayer to this new residence of the Jacquii. Now they have a deluxe sun/rain roof, double bed, lighting, cooking facilities, shaded garden, TV and electrical connection, all in our carport! Ange is seriously considering moving into the front yard herself. It definitely has that camping out in style vibe.

The trip to Bunnings for the supplies was fun. At this point, it must be pointed out that Ange has a sick fixation with all things Bunnings. The look of primal bliss on her face when she walks through their oversized warehouse doors is very close to orgasmic. I knew things were weirder there than usual when we found they had live music. Yes, two musicians were playing away in the checkout aisles. After buying tarp/campsite essentials, I insisted we have the traditional lunchtime Bunnings sausage and bun. Along the way we saw fairy floss. I asked Ange if she wanted to get some for Hayley as a pretence, knowing full well we weren’t going to leave without a fairy floss stick wedged between her lips. The bonus was, they were free! So of course we left with three very full sticks. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise the adverse affect car airconditioning had on pink fairy floss, so we returned home with about two and a quarter sticks. In a family of sugar junkies, it should be noted I ended up with the quarter stick. Such are the sacrifices I make.

Not much to report on the writing side of things. I have been updating my list of potential markets, with pro, semi-pro and Australian lists underway. I also did a minor edit of The Rustle of Autumnal Leaves. Now I’m very happy with it, I’m not sure where to send it. I think I’ll scout for a US pro-zine and try my luck.