Three steps forward, one step back

I have stories coming out of my ears at the moment (well, not literally, that would be more than a little gross)!

The morning was pretty much a write off. Ange and I were knackered after a late night disagreement that turned into an even later night session of reading her Alley of Dead Whores. She knocked about a billion holes in the story. So instead of taxing my weary brain this morning, I incarnated as Outdoor Domestic God and vacuumed and hand washed the car (yes, even after going through the car wash an hour before, because, well, Ange was headed to Greylands asylum – long story – and wanted to look her best with a spick’n’span car).

Alley of Dead Whores comes down to two simple things (after I listened to Ange’s and Jacquie Lee’s advice – that’s Jacquie Lee, with an ‘e’, who is Jacqui Eve’s girlfriend). 1. I think it’s an excellent piece of writing. 2. It’s a patchy story with elements of confusion and infodump at the end (a bad combination, wouldn’t you agree?).

So like every good writer, I sat down, did some basic edits, then started writing a new story instead.

Whammo! The flash story, Fridge, was born.

Hayley gave some decisive yet concise comments on it (as she walked out the door), which made me rework much of the wording. Now I have a cool story, in the same vein as Ian, which I promptly sent off to US coffee label publisher (and HWA/SFWA pro level publisher) Story House.

I also, at long last, came up with a viable storyline for an entry into the Consensual a trois anthology. It’s a reworking of a cliche (which I fall into a fair portion of the time), but I like the way it’s panning out. The working title is Examination. It marks my second attempt at an erotic story (second and a half if you include Alley of Dead Whores), and my first featuring aliens.

In many ways, I am very proud to say I do not have aliens or vampires in any of my stories. I keep assuming much of the stuff I do has been done before, yet you will NOT find a self-indulgent, blood-or-energy draining immortal vamp among any of my stories. In fact, Room Three and Alley of Dead Whores were my only ghost references, and werewolves and demons have yet to creep into any of my short tales.

I am pretty damn tired of the same old vampire stories being paraded out in shackles (because their creative impetus has been well and truly confined by the expectations of vampiric sub-culture). How many stories do you read on the net featuring a sexy woman making out with a horny guy, just to bite him (or induce other blood-letting rituals) at the critical moment? No offense to the Poppy Z Brite’s, Anne Rice’s Destiny West’s (to cite someone less famous but more genre-following than genre-spawning), but vampire fiction comes across to me as simply uninspired. Give me tales of subtle, creeping madness, of technology fusing with mythology, of something, well, different.

Okay, now that’s off my chest… I received confirmation that Bump in the night (i.e. Hayley’s dream story) has passed its first reading at Andromeda Spaceways (ASIM). Looks like my quirky little things are finding homes faster than my uber long, impressive stuff. Oh well.

Roll on Disparate Whispers…