All thy stories must surely be a burden …

Indeed! Well, all my stories is a bit of a misnomer – there are gazillions of other people with gazillions more stories than I have, but hey, I’ve only been at it nine months.

However, the fine people at Fremantle Arts Centre Press have very promptly answered my cautious short story collection proposal, stating they would happily see my wares. This unexpectedly positive response sent me into a mini-tailspin, a veritable glut of compilation and reorganisation.

Bringing the collection, Disparate Whispers (still the front runner for a title), closer to reality, I scribbled a foreword (that needs more work), as well as compiled the stories into a single, cohesive manuscript. I decided to drop Firewall v2.0 and The Moonlight Man, as they are both barely off the drawing board. With that decision, I have sixteen stories at 44,000 words. The portentious impact of my lucky number 4 in this equation was too glaring to deny.

It’s early days, but even if FACP don’t go with Disparate Whispers, there are a couple of other small presses around (notably in the US) that I’m eyeing off. Of course, all this is a just a sweetener for Harbinger and its novel length successors.

As part of the collection, I gave Alley of Dead Whores a going over. In the fresh light of a new day, it actually came out rather well, with only some minor edits enforced thus far. I intend sending this to Brutarian magazine within the next two weeks.