Disparate Whispers and records…

Today started with a whimper and ended with a bang. Well, it started well, had a nice, long, boring patch, then ended with a bang.

Firstly, I was struck with a brain wave last night, as I huddled in the study away from Ange’s rampant pseudo-coven Monday night. Tallying up all my short stories, I realised I have a whole bundle and should push to have them published as a collection. This idea really filled my consciousness last night and this morning. So much so, I sent a proposal letter to Fremantle Arts Centre Press to gauge their interest (speculative fiction, especially from an emerging writer, is always a tricky business with mainstream publishing).

The collection will have all my personal favourites, with a distinct supernatural/dark fantasy flavour. The current list looks something like this (roughly in this order):

Practical Joke

Hear No Evil

Room Three

Song of the Infernal Machine

Firewall v1.1

Firewall v2.0 *


Midnight on the Jetty

Blasphemy on Eight Wheels


Plan Ni

Bump in the Night

Alley of Dead Whores

The Black Door

The Moonlight Man *

On Dark Clouds Borne

The Raid

Sobek’s Tears

* story yet to be completed.

A number of half completed or planned stories may also be interchanged, but the total length will be between 50k and 60k words. For the sake of continuity, a number of my stories will be omitted, most notably In the absence of heroes, Siege and Victims of Circumstance. I like ‘heroes’ and ‘Victims’ quite a lot, so it’s hard not to see them included.

In analysing the included stories (and this is all just speculation, there is a damn good chance this project will never get off the ground), I struggled with common themes. Some deal with warped technology, others feature monsters. However, all feature a twist in some way. Not all the endings are surprises or twist in the tail stories, but they rarely finish as expected. The lengths vary considerably from story to story, I have included at least 4 flash stories (three 500 word efforts, and a 900 word story) amongst the longer works, just to offer respite amid the heavy going stuff.

The working title for this collection is Disparate Whispers. Others I came up with (and rejected) include Whispers from the Infernal Machine, Shades of Black, and Bridge of Broken Dreams (a title I like for a story) amongst others.

Okay, back to reality for a moment. In preparation for this exciting idea, I was determined to get stuck into a short story or two. With Alley of Dead Whores dangling, I decided to give that a crack. From mid-morning to lunch time, I managed bugger all. Yet somehow, persistence paid off, and by late afternoon, I had rattled off more than three thousand words (a short story record for a few hours writing). To my tremendous relief, Alley of Dead Whores: An Urban Nightmare is complete. It’s surreal, very hazy in my mind, and in need of an edit, but it’s finished! At almost 6000 words, it is also my longest short story (except for Kraken, which is a novelette of course, not a short story). Alley was a real struggle, but worth it.

In two non-writing related fields:

Hayley has added stuff to her blog. Damn funny stuff actually, if you know how she thinks … Check it out on the sidebar —>

I also downloaded the Evanescence version of Nirvana’s classic Heart Shaped Box. Phwoar! How good are they! (okay, a bit biased here as I have little fantasies about lead singer Amy Lee – I just hope Ange doesn’t read this bit… *eek*)