Tales of the (small/quiet/comatose) city

Perth’s a wonderful place. There aren’t too many other major cities you can go to, sit in a foodcourt around lunchtime, and not be swamped by millions of people.

This afternoon we picked up Hayley and headed into town to get her Ball dress looked at (apparently it was sitting a millimetre or two differently on her from when we bought the damned expensive thing). After enjoying sushi and chocolate muffins, I abandoned the girls as they went off to haggle with the seamstress. The glaring red CLEARANCE SALE sign in the bookshop window sucked me in. For the first time in memory, I actually remained there, outshopping them as they returned bright eyed and bushy tailed from expensive Ball dress accessory buying. As an aside, I’ve no doubt you’ll hear PLENTY more about the upcoming Year 12 ball in future blog posts.

Out of my dizzying time looking through the books of third-rate no-name authors (yes, the hypocricy is rife here, as I am a fourth-rate, never published novelist), I came away with the Dark Terrors 5 anthology and a cute little 2004 diary for the princely sum of just over $10. It’s a cold day in Hell when I stumble across a bargain, but Lucifer must have turned down the thermostat today. Woo hoo!

In and around this shopping trip (which ended up at Wanneroo markets for a stock up on clothes for the upcoming Singapore/Thailand trip), I finished Blasphemy on Eight Wheels. Actually, the story was completed tonight, after two long writing bursts late this morning and even later last night. Rereading this story, I know it’s riddled with cumbersome sentences (and Ange confirmed this), and is not true to the very full colour vision I had of the story. Nevertheless, it conveys the point quite well, even if I do overemphasis the military gun play. Ange stated (and I tend to agree), the twist ending may leave some readers feeling ‘cheated’, as it is completely irrelevant to the story (well, sorta) and totally changes the tone from a gritty actioner to (almost) comedy.

I have earmarked it for the KSP Writers Centre annual SF/F competition. I missed that comp last year, and I know some big names enter, so I’m keen to see how my writing style compares. I may also enter Song of the Infernal Machine (if Black October reject it), and perhaps one other story (TBA). I really do want to give it a good shake.