Mathematically challenged

Tackled the second session of the STAT preparation course this morning. Bouyed on by the essay writing from the first session last week, my confidence was high. Five minutes in, that confidence disappeared, along with my reasoning ability, in the face of physics and maths problems.

I did get a renewed sense of the divide between word people and numbers people. I am definately the former, despite some aberrations in high school where I picked up certificates in maths and science. I also left with perhaps the most intense headache I’ve had in a few years.

The afternoon passed in a haze. I did try writing, but the screen mocked me relentlessly until I acknowledged defeat and slunk away.

This evening we dropped Hayley off to her Dad’s place for the six-monthly weekender. On the way, we discussed her school report, which ended up in a terse argument over my expectations of her. What she had to say had some merit. My expectations of her school results, particularly in light of what I perceive her intelligence to be (she’s developing into the intellectual image of her mother, despite the ditzyness), is rather high. I realize I may be perpetrating the classic father-figure pressures that I thought I would never perpetrate.

By the end of the trip, the storm had blown over, particularly after Ange and I acknowledged her growing analytic prowess. We concluded she is a party-hosting mass-debater.

Spending the evening in quietude, Ange and I did discuss an idea I had for a potential webzine. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more on this subject in future blog posts. Everything went blurry soon after as sore eyes and throbbing head took over.