The Photo Saga – and other less stressful adventures

Well, today Ange and Hayley were both struck down with Can’tgotoschoolitis. Using the opportunity to get our passports organised for our upcoming overseas adventure in Singapore and Thailand, Ange and I prepared to head down to the local chemist for passport photos to be taken.

Ange asked me to fill in the passports forms while she was showering.

Mistake Number One.

Combing out the remainder of the hair I had overlooked while ripping out stress-induced chunks, I made a comment on Ange’s all too rare venture into makeup for this special occasion.

Mistake Number Two.

After Ange and Hayley debated the right shade and application of lipstick for what seemed hours of enduring agony, we ended up at the chemist, where we were promptly served by a young woman who was grabbing at her polaroid faster than a beggar setting up shop at a millionaires convention.

Mistake Number Three.

After examining (brooding on) our less than flattering, looking away from the camera mugshots in stony silence in the car, we ran a couple of errands, eventually ending up at the Post Office for the professional opinion on the quality of passport photos they accept. Using even the tiniest bit of criticism of the photos, we headed back to the chemist for a re-shoot of Ange’s pic (minus the makeup she hastily removed when we dropped off for a pitstop at home).

Finally, we had passable mugshots, but there wasn’t time enough to lodge the forms. There was however, time to go to a doctors appointment to discuss immunisation.

Mistake Number Four.

We left the doctor’s office clutching a sizeable handful of prescriptions. When I asked Ange what they were, she informed me with devilish glee that they were for our injections. Lucky me, I end up with three scheduled injections and a course of tablets – just to go overseas for NINE FECKIN’ NIGHTS! (… and eleven days according to Ange in one of her more lucid moments …)


On the writing front, I revised Song of the Infernal Machine to my satisfaction and finally sent it off to Chiaroscuro. This afternoon/evening, I spent time on Firewall v1.1. A friend came around to witness signatures and incidentally offered some constructive feedback on a few of my stories.

Tonight, I hit Firewall with a vengeance. It has been fleshed out considerably (in more ways than one!). Now I have a story that I am not only proud of, but one that leaves a very memorable impression. I will resend it one final time to Ticonderoga Online. If they still have any major issues, I will try it with a few US pro-zines – such is my faith in this revised version. I can’t wait to tackle the next installment in what I hope to be a three part short story saga.