Hayley’s Blog

My family have some weird ideas. Ange and Hayley spent quite some time tonight laughing at the pompous, self-important expose into my private affairs that I publish on this blog. Watching them reading my stuff was quite a hoot. Out of the ashes of this particular piece of family togetherness came Hayley’s Blog – Moke and Smirrors, Online Journal of a Bored Teen.

I give it a week before it hits the virtual graveyard. 😛

Ange also suggested I email my family (all of whom are on the other side of Australia) this blog URL, so they can check up on me. I thought it was a great idea. The stupid thing was, I never considered such an idea before, even though I pump out my URL, with a link to this page, with every email to magazines, publishers and agents. It’s strange where you develop blindspots …