To write, or not to write, that is the question …

I’ve struck a low patch in Harbinger (another long dialogue scene), so I’ve decided to leave it for a few days to gestate.

In the meantime, I have been busy with Alley of Dead Whores: An Urban Nightmare. The title is a little in yer face, but ironic given how the story is panning out. It should be finished in the next couple of days (hopefully tonight if I really attack it). I have earmarked it for either City Slab or Brutarian in the US. It’s probably a little risque for Australian mags.

While there is a teaser on my website about it, I really started writing this one to prove I had dark and descriptive still left in me. While it’s no Hertzan Chimera type effort (blood/sex crap writing if you ask me – anyone who relies on dropping expletives like presents down a chimney on Christmas and being all weird-arse with sex … it just smacks of lazy writing and childish fascinations to me …) it is shaping up to be something different. My last few efforts have been good pieces, yet I feel I have wavered from my ultra-descriptive roots. I am also after something which will linger in people’s minds. I don’t know if this will be such a classic story, but its another step along that road to perfection.

Coming back to Harbinger for a sec – I received a rejection from an Australian agent today. Her list was full according to the letter. However, she was kind enough to have left a couple of pencil marks on the manuscript (the prologue and chapter 1). She also wrote ‘good opening’ on the prologue. Perversely, despite the rejection, I am pretty chuffed about that. This agent is also an editor, and my main concern over my sample chapters was the staccato and self-indulgent opening pages. This is just confirmation that my fears are unfounded. My confidence remains high.