More short story submissions (and stuff)

Further to the information below, this afternoon I finalised my revision of Firewall and shipped it off to the guys at Ticonderoga Online. The story has been reincarnated as Firewall v1.1, the prelude to a more extensive tale involving the notorious Malephagia anti-virus software, rather imaginatively titled Firewall v2.0. While it seems a bit straight-forward, v2.0 involves the firewall being upgraded, as well as a more character driven story involving Kurt (the now named main character/victim from v1.1) exhibiting more motivation and zeal than where we last left him.

While its a fair way off into the future, v1.1 and v2.0 will be incorporated into a larger chapbook/novelette format either on my website as an e-book, or depending on what sort of influence I have in a few months, with a publisher.

Along this line, I have spent much of the afternoon updating my website.