2009 Ditmar Award finalists!

Well, joy of joys, the 2009 Ditmar Award finalists have been announced! The full list is on HorrorScope. The same list, as originally released by the Ditmar sub-committee, can be found on the Conjecture website (as an aside, the HorrorScope list has full publication details. As much as I really appreciate the work of the Ditmar sub-committee in compiling the list, releasing the ballot on the Conjecture site and on some blogs in such poor form – typos, names and titles incorrect, omissions of editors and publishers – is simply atrocious).


Hearty congratulations to all the finalists! Commiserations for everyone who didn’t make the list.

I’d really like to thank everyone who was involved in the process, and especially those good folks who supported me and Brimstone Press’ endeavours with their nominations.

The highs for me

  • 2 (and a half) nominations: an Atheling – for which I feel genuinely honoured to be nominated. I put a lot of work into that Dark Suspense investigative report. And HorrorScope in Best Fan Publication. The half nomination is for Marty Young and AHWA committee in Best Achievement (as a committee member, I officially claim half, or more accurately 1/6 of a nomination!)
  • 5 nominations for Black magazine: Paul Haines’ and Robert Hood’s excellent fiction, mine and Rob’s non-fiction articles, and Angela’s Achievment nom.
  • Richly deserving recognition for many of my dark brothers and sisters in arms (the strong turnout of HorrorScopers in the Fan Writer category, Angela, Steve, Talie, James, and Marty in the Achievement category, all of my picks for New Talent, Andrew McKiernan and David Schembri in the art categories, a good smattering of dark stuff in the novella and short story categories, and good mate Nathan Burrage for Fivefold in the Novel category).

Some surprises

  • Collected work – I was hoping Black Box and Voices might sneak through. Oh well! I’m surprised Sean Williams’ Magic Dirt didn’t make it, either.
  • Fan Publication – it’s a dependable list, but thought A Writer Goes on a Journey might be there. Also hoped Studies in Australian Weird Fiction or Eclectism might make it.

Thanks again, everyone. Now don’t forget to vote!