2009 Australian Shadows winners

Well, twelve months of work has culminated in the winners of the Australian Shadows Award being announced today.

Congratulations to Kaaron, Amanda, and Deborah – it’s an all female finale for the first time in the award’s history.

The judges reports (all six of them!) are well worth checking out for a decent snapshot of the state of Aussie horror.

Thanks again to all the judges – especially the preliminary panel of Steph, Craig, and Chuck who did a lot of literary heavy lifting. The team has been a pleasure to work with.

As Director of this year’s awards, I’m very proud to see that the expansion of the award (to three categories) has been favourably received, and that the standard of the shortlists was incredibly high.

I’ve been involved with the Australian Shadows for the past three years now (two consecutive years as a judge; this year was my first as Director) and the award just keeps getting better and better. I’m continuing on as Director for 2010 and there’s definitely more improvements on the way. The award opens to submissions in June, so keep an eye out for announcements in the next two months!