Writing course

Along the illustrious journey that is the life of a writer (well, about a month ago actually), I enroled in an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Writing & Editing). It’s a correspondence course, but one where you actually get a nationally accredited qualification, which is a pleasant change. I am pleased to say my tutor is Robert N Stephenson, the guy behind the Altair Australia speculative fiction magazine/literary agency/editing service. I was pleased to have someone so well connected, and yet so relevant to my own career path.

I have shunted off Assignment 3 (of 18) this afternoon, after a productive day of doing everything except writing. Unfortunately I have yet to receive feedback from Robert, but I have to admit I have zipped through the assignments in quick succession. I look forward to his views, particularly on my next assignment (writing a short story of <500 words). I just finished On Dark Clouds Borne last week, of the perfect length to submit, but it was snapped up by Antipodean SF. I’ll stretch my brain this Friday (when I tackle these assignments), and see if I can come up with something from scratch. Should be fun.